Newsletter SciBiz-Covid-19

The Newsletter SciBiz-Covid-19 was created by professors from the Business Department of FEA / USP, with the aim of presenting analyzes, research and initiatives developed, or under development, conducted by our professors and national and international partners.

In a critical and uncertain moment as the one we are experiencing, we would like to reaffirm the essential role of the public university in developing high quality research to help society overcome the worst crisis experienced by humanity since World War II.

Especially in a country with high social inequality and serious infrastructure problems, such as Brazil, the transforming role of research and innovation is fundamental. But initiatives and good ideas are not enough: now, more than ever, the management of scarce resources in public and private administration, the organization of public-private partnerships, the knowledge about the behavior of the market and the value chains essential to support life, as well as food and health are fundamental. It is precisely there that our professors and partners seek to collaborate: by disseminating studies and research on several fronts, but all linked to business and organizations, we aim to contribute for the development of public policies and the management of companies, aiming to face the epidemic of covid-19 and its effects on the whole of society, especially on the most vulnerable sectors.

We are aware of the size of the challenge and the uncertainties associated with this moment. But we are also optimistic about the role of the university and how this painful moment can also be an opportunity to build a fairer future for the whole society.

We are available to assist initiatives developed by public and private agents, and we hope that this newsletter can bring significant contributions to everyone.